What might we mean by monoculture? What is the impetus for ‘identitarian’ or nationalistic monoculture movements who do not see, or wish, their society to be pluralistic, not just in the context of Europe but globally? Might we locate positive or even emancipatory aspirations of monoculture? Might a culturally homogeneous society also be inclusive and transformational? What lies at the fringes of monoculture, and what does it not tolerate? What may be the position of the arts within the context of monocultural ideology? Or alternatively, how might the arts look under monocultural ideology when taken to its logical conclusion?

Considering Monoculture | Philippe Pirotte

M hka monoculture 5339 (c)Philippe Pirotte - Foto: M HKA / Bram Goots, 2020
28 February - 28 February 2020
deBuren, Brussel

Pour me mettre à leur disposition. Assessing inclusiveness with Richard Wright and Jean Genet.